Trusting in the Midst of the Flood

Strength for the Journey Ministry

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you.  Isaiah 43:2

Recently, due to an incredible rain event in our city, our entire neighborhood was flooded.  We watched helplessly as the water levels rose dangerously close to our homes.  Streets and sidewalks were invisible as front yards became lakefront property.  To get from place to place, people had to wade through the murky water.  Some even brought out small boats to get around and check on their neighbors.  For two days, we watched the water levels rise making it difficult for anyone to get in or out of our subdivision.  However, once the waters receded, we could see streets that had been temporarily hidden from sight.  The roadway was clear; normalcy returned.

Sometimes in life, it appears as though the road has been flooded over and we can’t see where we are going.  Our outlook is threatened by muddy waters so to speak.  Our path seems uncertain.  In times like these, it is important to remember that the road hasn’t disappeared.  It’s still there.  Circumstances may have hindered your view, but God is still on the throne and in control.  He knows exactly where you are and how to get to you.  Trust that He is leading you even when you cannot see the road before you.

It was very difficult not to panic as we watched the waters rise around our home.  Fear of the flood waters overtaking our house threatened our peace since we, like many others, didn’t have flood insurance.  Through prayer and reading God’s promises of provision and protection, I was able to focus on God and fend off fear.  Likewise, when it looks like the flood waters of life will overtake you, put your trust in the Lord.  His promise is to provide, protect and keep you in every circumstance.  I had to reach the place of peace; trusting in His ability to help us restore our home even if it flooded and we lost everything.  He can restore what the enemy has stolen from you.  Don’t let the enemy threaten you with an ominous outlook.  Trust God to be your all in all and to meet your every need in every situation that arises.

Since our neighborhood wasn’t in a flood zone, it wasn’t supposed to flood.  We often feel that because we are Christians doing everything right, we shouldn’t have to experience times when we can’t see where God is leading us.  However, there will always be times in our journey when life simply doesn’t make sense, and our path is obscured for days, weeks or even months.  It is a time of growing deeper in our trust and holding onto the hand of the One who promises to guide us through the dark places.

God’s promise from Isaiah 43:2, is that the flood waters will not overwhelm you.  You may have to pass through them.  The floods may even inhibit your vision causing you to question God’s faithfulness.  However, if you keep your eyes on Him and trust in Him with all of your heart, He will see you through.  At some point, the flood waters that hide your path will disappear.  Faith will be made sight.  The sun will shine once again, and the way will be made clear.


Going Deeper in Intimacy

Strength for the Journey Ministry

But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, Ephesians 2:4

Last week during the middle of a worship service, the Lord whispered something into my spirit: “I love to love you!” The voice of my Father took my breath away. It was such a sweet thing for Him to say. It was so intimate! Several years ago, I would never even imagined that I would hear Him say something so special to me.

Sometimes we forget that God wants to be divinely intimate with us. We quickly go through our prayer list during our quiet time or we sing along with the songs during the worship service but do we allow Him that place of intimacy? That depth of relationship where He can whisper sweet things into our ears. Do we hunger to hear His voice?

I know we all go through different phases in our relationship with Him just as we do with our spouse, children, and friends. Sometimes I don’t feel as close to my husband as I do at other times (Don’t tell him that!). But I believe God is calling us into a deeper level of trust, intimacy and fellowship. Our relationship is not just about knowing who He is but also how very much we are loved. He died so that we could enter into this deep fellowship with Him.

Often, we spend time telling Him our needs when He simply wants to tell us how much He loves us and desires to care for us. Or, we allow our problems to weigh so heavily on our hearts that we are more self-focused than God focused which hinders us from hearing His voice. I want my ears to be sensitive so that I hear His gentlest of whispers. I know that means I have to be listening, but I also have to know how very much He loves me and desires that intimate fellowship too. So many people tell me that they don’t feel intimate with God or that they don’t hear His voice. Most of the time, it’s because they doubt His unconditional love and mercy. His Word is full of sweet messages of love. Ephesians 2:4 talks about the great love with which He loved us. So, as we begin 2016, I encourage you to spend time in the Scriptures reading about how very loved and cherished you are. Go deeper and then go deeper still! Don’t be satisfied until you have found that place of divine intimacy between you are your beloved Savior.

Blessings on your year ahead!