About Cindy

Cindy has a burning passion for seeing believers healed, delivered and set free growing in the strength of the Lord as they journey into the fulfillment of their destiny and purpose.  Having done an extensive study as well as ministering on spiritual warfare and the spiritual realm, she felt compelled by God to write a book that exposes the enemy and his strategies. She boldly teaches on spiritual warfare, knowing that every believer must have a firm foundation in this area of Scripture to overcome life’s battles, tests, and trials.   Her greatest desire is to help the body of Christ overcome the difficulties they face in life by opening their eyes to the reality of the spiritual realm and teaching them how to operate within it.

Cindy has a love for speaking prophetically into the hearts of others, bringing an in-season word of encouragement and opening their eyes to the possibility of fulfilling their God-given destiny.   She is a seasoned minister, having served the body of Christ for over twenty years.  Her heart of compassion and mercy and her hunger to study the Word of God compliment her strong teaching gift.  She has ministered in her local church, at women’s retreats, and women’s Bible studies. 

Oversight and ordination are obtained through World Ministry Fellowship where she served on the Advisory Board.

Cindy is the author of Skandalon, a Christian fiction book, and has an accompanying Study Guide in the publishing process. 

Her blog, Gone from the Nest, is geared towards empty nest mother’s who struggle with their role as a mom to adult children.  Through her understanding of spiritual warfare, she helps moms navigate through the challenges that often come with adult children, whether those children are married or living at home.

She resides in Brookshire, Texas with her husband, Joe, of 27 years.  She has two grown children and three beautiful grandchildren.

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles…Isaiah 40:31

Some would argue that a study on the enemy only serves to give him glory.  However, I believe that before going to war on a battlefield, it is always be wise to know our enemy.  To ensure our success in winning the war, we should want to study his strengths and weaknesses as well as his strategies and tactics.

Skandalon: The Study Guide