Have you ever been reading a Scripture or listening to a song and you just know that God is speaking to you. But it’s not that He’s speaking to you, He’s warning you or preparing you for something that’s coming ahead. And, of course, that something is not something you are going to enjoy necessarily. Last Sunday during worship, it happened. Ugh!!! The worship team was singing a song, and suddenly I knew; God was preparing to me. The words to the bridge were, “And when I don’t understand, I will choose You.”  God said to me, “Listen to the words you are singing.”
We are often faced with situations in life that simply don’t make sense. Maybe you believe God has spoken to you to take a step out in faith yet, it doesn’t seem like the doors are opening. Or, perhaps you’ve been experiencing a trial for so long that there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  Maybe you lost a loved one to a disease when you were standing strong in faith.
I’ve been praying for healing in my body for YEARS! Many, many years! It doesn’t make sense to me as to what is hindering that healing from manifesting itself. There are other things I’ve been praying for that haven’t come to pass, but I’ve heard the Lord say to me, “Trust!”
Sure enough, this week I was faced with the situation the Lord was preparing me for on Sunday through the words of the worship song. And I had to make a choice. It’s something I don’t understand. I don’t hear the Lord giving me instruction. But I’ve had to choose to trust Him.
It sounds easy, and to some people it might be. But, this is my life! My flesh wants to scream, throw a temper tantrum and complain. However, I know God in His grace was preparing me beforehand. He wants me to pass this test. I want to pass this test. So with all that is within me I choose to trust.
It’s how we handle our trials that are important to the Lord. Jesus tells us in John 16:33 that we are to be of good cheer when we encounter trials and tribulations because He has overcome the world. There is nothing that we will walk through that God has not already overcome. He’s gone before us. He’s our rear guard. He’s got this!
In my spirit, I know God is in control and will take care of my situation. But my flesh wants to rebel and whine. We all want our way, and we want it now! We often behave just like little children. However, we need to trust in His timing, His way, His purpose for the trial or delay…He knows the end from the beginning. So…when I don’t understand, I will trust Him. The One who holds the moon and stars in place, makes the earth turn day by day, and can take the hearts of kings and turn them however He wills…I will trust Him. Strength for the Journey Ministry

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