A couple of weeks ago I had my granddaughter staying overnight. I had fixed her some breakfast and a pallet on the floor in front of the television so that I could keep her occupied while I took my shower. Now mind you, I see this precious girl often. She’s two, extremely smart (spoken like a true Nanny), very expressive and happens to be a drama queen much like her Nanny. She’s not the cuddly type, and you often have to coax kisses out of her.
So I come to check on her after my shower. I was dressed but had on no makeup and my hair was still wet. But when I bent down to ask her if she is still doing okay, she cupped my cheeks in her tiny hands and said, “Nanny, so pretty.” Did you hear the part about NO makeup and my hair was wet? It blessed my socks off!
Needless to say, it stuck with me throughout the day. As I began to ponder her sweet show of affection, I was reminded of the unconditional love of the Father. Over the past year, I have been on a mission of growing deeper in the love and grace of God. My granddaughter reminded me that God loves me unconditionally even though He sees all of my faults and failures. All she saw that morning was her Nanny, who to her was pretty. Blemishes, dark circles under my eyes, wet hair, and all. It didn’t matter to her. I was pretty.
And that, my dear friends, is how our heavenly Father views us. Oh, He can see our blemishes but His love for us is never-failing. He sees through eyes of grace. If you are a blood-bought child of God, He sees who you can be. He sees your potential. He’s for you and never against you. He’s never happy with our sin, but it does not diminish His love for you anymore than my love is weakened when my granddaughter refuses to give me a ‘tiss’ because she’s glued to Doc McStuffin on television.
Looking back on life, if I had one wish it would be that I had grasped His unfathomable love for me much sooner in my walk with Him. I spent so many years thinking that He was angry at me for my imperfections and failures. I don’t want you to spend one more day doubting the amazing grace of our loving Father.  May you grow from strength to strength in your discover of how richly your Father loves you.

2 Thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes”

  • Good Point, and just like our God to bring our understanding through the eyes of a child. In a child’s eyes there is truth, they are not trained yet to just make us feel good. Such is the love of our Father God, who truly loves us just the way we are. What a precious gift of “unconditional love”, which is what we are to emulate as we reach out to the lost.
    Thank you

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