In the fall of 2012, I was teaching a Wednesday night Bible study at my church in Sealy, Texas where I was on staff as the Worship Leader. The Lord had me teaching on angels and their purpose in our lives. It was from that teaching that this book was birthed.

When the Lord told me to write a Christian Fiction book on the spiritual realm, I argued with Him that I was not a writer.  Having been an avid reader of fiction, I told Him there was no way I could write a novel that anyone would want to read. (Can you imagine telling God that you can’t do something He has instructed you to do?) It seemed like a monumental task, to say the least, and I didn’t feel equipped. However, He wouldn’t let it go.

In December of 2012, I left my position of 17 years at the church. I asked the Lord, “Now what do I do?” His answer was swift. “Write!”

I can honestly tell you that I can’t take credit for writing this story. I was only an instrument that He chose to use. I would literally sit down at my computer, pray, and the ideas would flow. When it was time to quit for the day, the flow ceased and I was amazed as I read back over what I’d written.

I do believe that, though the story is fiction, God has a divine lesson within its pages. 
There is so much teaching to glean from in this story. I pray that as you read, you will meditate on the truths written within, that Skandalon will bless you immensely, the words will encourage you and that you will experience spiritual growth from the words written within its covers.


Cindy Schroppel’s Skandalon is a window into the spiritual realm we all exist in but are mostly unaware of. The book effortlessly opens your heart and mind to the great access we have as believers to the power of God. It is well written, interesting and timely. I will definitely recommend this book! When’s the sequel coming out? 

Janice Marsh

I enjoyed every moment of this book. Had hard time putting it down. This book opened my eyes to what a strong hold the enemy can have on us, if we open the doors and let him in. Skandalon also gave me a more spiritual outlook on the things the enemy can have a foothold on us. I have a more intimate relationship with God and my family. Thank you Cindy for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to inform us of the things some of us had no clue. May God continue to pour out His blessings on you!

Jen Schaaf

Skandalon is an excellent book! It was easy to read, but difficult to put down and had lots of depth to it. I think it would make a great Ephesians 6 Bible Study. Cindy did a great job of weaving in the importance prayer has, both when we pray and when others pray for us.

Debbie Overland

The author uses her deep knowledge of scripture to help us visualize what spiritual warfare over our souls may look like. It is amazing to “watch” the surprises as the plot unfolds and the incredible ways God protects his own. Gripping story line, you won’t be disappointed!

Linda Benolken

I thought Skandalon to be a great book. From the very beginning, I couldn’t put it down. This book has given me a better understanding of what it could be like in the spiritual realm. Reading about the battles going on in the spiritual realm, I’ve learned to see things with a whole new set of eyes. I don’t think I realized just how much power was in our prayers until reading this. Although the story is fiction, God used it to reveal certain things to me and my walk with Him. In my opinion, this is definitely a must read.

Irene Sanchez

What a moving and inspirational book! It really opens your eyes! I have loaned my copy to friends and it is exciting to see the changes in lives that is happening. One friend shared with me how she now looked at events that occur during her day differently. During the time she was reading the book, a man that she had an extramarital affair with came into her place of employment. She had not seen him for several years. She said I sure looked at that different than I would have before….definitely Satan trying to tempt me. Another friend has been convicted to end the relationship they have been in as they have been living together.

Maggie LaBore

I just finished reading Skandalon. What a great book! It is eye opening to the spiritual world and how we allow Satan access into our lives. It’s a good reminder of how to pray and how powerful our prayers are. I highly recommend this book.

Susie Young

I thoroughly enjoyed the book Skandalon. There is so much information there and so much to learn from it. I’m really looking forward to the study guide.

   Laura Bledsoe 

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